"Food responds to our soul's dream as to our stomach's appetite."
Joseph Delteil, La Cuisine paléolithique, 1964
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Observations on Food in the Bay Area
Saha 7/05
website - previous review - (1075 Sutter St at Larkin in SF) First, let me say that my second trip to Saha was just as fantastic as the first, though I managed to emerge much less overstuffed, which was a plus. In fact, the only downside to the entire meal was that it took about 30 minutes for us to order, which was at least partly our fault as it was clear for a part of that time that we were not doing a good job of figuring out what we wanted, and spent most of our time chatting (a group of 6 can do a lot of BSing). Not a big issue by any means, but worth pointing out. Oh, and the other minor point is that they were out of some of the tasty-looking seafood options again, which was disappointing, but it was largely a different selection of missing dishes than we'd run into last time. On to the meal.

The wine list was much as I remembered it - not huge, but consisting of a nice selection of reasonably priced bottles, largely falling in the $20-50 range. They also had a number of additions not yet added to the menu. It's also worth noting that they have a reasonably good beer selection as well, including a few tasty Belgians, offering the diner a wide variety of beverage choices.

Having finished glancing over the booze, I turned my attention to the menu and noticed that the prix fixe option has increased from $27 to $30. I can only assume that it was more popular than they'd anticipated, and they weren't making enough money on it. Either way, it's still a good choice, including a soup/salad, one small plate, and one entree.

The soup of the day was a fascinating fennel soup, thick, rich, and creamy and with a significant spice kick on the finish. Very good!
3 Green Things salad - edamame, french green beans, and avocado tossed with mustard-ginger vinaigrette and garnished with a sprinkling of what we believed to be cinnamon. A great combination, both in how it looked and in how the tastes and textures mixed, and the cinnamon elevated it from nice but only slightly unusual to highly unusual and fascinating.

Small Plates
Salmon Baklava - Now this was an interesting concept. Constructed much like baklava, cut into triangles and framed above and below by many layers of phyllo, the inside was a large chunk of only just barely cooked-through salmon of flawless consistency. On top was a small pile of cold vegetables (or perhaps fruit... guess I should have gotten around to writing this sooner. damn) which made a tremendous contrast to the hot pastry-wrapped salmon. The mix of flavors were truly unique, and my only complaint was that the salmon had a faint fishy flavor which made me think it wasn't as fresh as it ought to have been.
Mushroom Ravioli - in mango sauce, was just as good as I'd remembered it from before, and the sauce just as brightly fruity.

Crab Island - crab meat & wild mushrooms wrapped in phyllo served over saffron sauce. Amazing. And they aren't kidding about the island bit - it's a large, generally round pouch of stuffed phyllo amidst a pool of beautiful sauces. With the first bite, I realized that my palate would be insufficient to the task of describing the rich and complex combination of flavors presented. The crab meat melted; the chopped mushrooms in the base were hearty of flavor and contrastingly thicker in texture; the phyllo provided a great crispy edging contrasting the rest. The rich flavors of the sauces only served to enhance everything. Fantastic.
Lamb Shank with a Twist of Yemen - braised with saffron, ginger, green olives, and cinnamon (according to the online menu, which is somewhat out of date). I only got a wee bite, but this was lamb in its most flawless form. Falling off the bone at the slightest touch, and melting in the mouth with a richness of lamby flavor and perfectly accentuating spicing.

Another fantastic meal, and a restaurant I will continue to enjoy returning to.

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