"Food responds to our soul's dream as to our stomach's appetite."
Joseph Delteil, La Cuisine paléolithique, 1964
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Observations on Food in the Bay Area
Home on Union
website - It's a very attractive location on Union St between Webster and Buchanan in the Marina, with a nifty glass-walled front space providing a great view of passers-by, which can be a treat in warm summer weather. The restaurant is long and narrow, with a large, well-stocked bar along the middle with flatscreen TVs. It's a very modern feel.

Unfortunately, I only recently noticed this post, which I had made notes on at the time, but not finished, so it will be somewhat less "filled in" than it ought to be.

They've got a reasonable by-the-glass wine selection, and I enjoyed a pleasantly complex pinot on the lighter side with my meal.

Salad with prosciutto - hardly enough green to be called a salad, and very very small overall. Tasty pork.
Duck & mushroom spring rolls, spicy chili dipping sauce - very rich, though most of the flavor was the mushroom, in a pleasantly crusty shell, each cut in half diagonally. Great spicy pepper dipping sauce whose light sweetness enhanced the richness of the rolls.

Macaroni & cheese - made with parmeggian, mozzarella, and cream with bread crumbs on top, it's tasty and quite fancy especially with the crunchy crumbs, but a little too creamy for my taste, and none of the sharpness I like in my cheese, leaving it a bit bland overall.
Niman Ranch grilled pork chop, pan-fried spaetzle, braised endive, dried cherry sauce - rich, tender, juicy, with a perfect light grill char. I didn't get a chance to sample the sides.
Salmon with chantrelles and prosciutto, leeks, red wine reduction - perfectly cooked on the skin, it was tender & juicy and very flaky, but suprisingly (and disappointingly) little flavor, making me suspect it wasn't wild. Chantrelles arranged on top were fantastic. This was all on a bed of mashed leeks which were remarkably similar in flavor to mashed potatoes, and surrounded by a moat of rich wine reduction. I was pretty much unable to locat the prosciutto. The wine and mushrooms almost completely overpowered the salmon, which was ok because they were quite good, but was very unfortunate for the dish as a whole.

Overall notes:
Absolutely horrible parking. The marina is not friendly to those who much approach it in their own vehicles. Public transit if at all possible!
Service was very friendly and attentive; our water was constantly full. The food was suprisingly slow coming out, however.

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