"Food responds to our soul's dream as to our stomach's appetite."
Joseph Delteil, La Cuisine paléolithique, 1964
Yarr, I blog like a Pirate!
Observations on Food in the Bay Area
website - On Market St at Noe. It's a very funky, very Castro tapas place. The first thing you notice walking up is the large, pink window. Then you notice the enormous solid wood door. Inside, all the walls and ceilings are shiny white plastic, with lots of indirect pink lighting, a blue-lit bar, and more shiny plastic tables and seating. Yeah, it's funky. The second thing you'll probably notice is that all the waitresses are in extremely short miniskirts. Take this as a warning - unless you're very, very talented at controlling your eyes, Lime isn't a great first date spot.

They've got wine, but honestly I didn't look at the list, because I'd heard they had good mojitos. They do have good mojitos, though not so good as those at Le Colonial. Lime's version is a little light on the rum, a little heavy on the club soda. But they're tasty, well mixed, and sufficiently large to be worth the $8 tag.

It's all tapas-style small plates here, and they come out very, very fast!
Sweet white corn kernels with bacon and red pepper flakes in a garlic sauce - the corn was light and crisp, the garlic strong and flavorful, the bacon rich, and the pepper added a great kick. Yummy.
White Cheddar Grilled Cheese with tomato soup dipping sauce - warm crust-less triangles of white bread sandwiching tasty cheese, surrounding an espresso cup of cold soup. The soup was the suprising winner, having a fascinating almost tropical fruit flavor. None of us could figure out how or why, but it was great, and the warm sandwiches contrasted well with the cold dipping soup.
Pork Quesadilla, with mango salsa - the pork is supposed to be in a mole sauce, which I'd argue with as it really didn't have the chocolate flavor or intensity of a good mole, but the overall effect was rich and flavorful, the pork very tender, and the chunky mango salsa atop worked very well. Mole? no. Good? yes.
Tandori Chicken Skewers, with yogurt dipping sauce - good tandoori flavor and spicing on the tender chicken chunks, and a standard, slightly sweet yogurt sauce with cucs, onion, and mint to contrast.
Morrocan Lamb Chops, with cous cous and yogurt sauce - yum! 3 chops, served rare, with strong mocorran spicing. Not the best lamb chops I've had, but damn good for $11 a plate! Served with cinnamon spiced cold couscous with raisins, which was also good.

With plates ranging from $5 to $11, the food is very reasonably priced - 3 of us came out quite sated with a total food bill of less than $50. If you're like us, you'll probably spend more on drinks than food. The food is also quite good, and the staff very friendly and helpful. If that's not enough, all the food came out within perhaps 10 minutes of ordering, which makes for a very quick meal if you need one. I'll definately be back.

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